About Quality Training Institute, Inc.

About QTI

In today's global-competitive business environment, evolution and growth are challenging yet essential to succeed. Quality Training Institute, Inc. is located outside, north Chicago IL. We are an institution of training, development, professional growth and continuing education that helps you achieve and sustain operational excellence.

Quality Training Institute has professional business experts for corporate and individual training in various areas such as Quality, Six-Sigma, Project Management, Environmental Sustainability, Career Planning and Information Technology. We also offer consulting services to specifically address your business needs.

Our Values

Our core operating values are based on the systematic synergy of Quality, Leadership, Empowerment, Team Building, Customer-Centered Service and Employee-Client Driven Environments.  We have built our business on these values. We suggest Quality Solutions that lead to sustainable, measurable results. When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece. We love what we do!

Our Vision

Quality Training Institute's vision is to be the leading training institution to help individuals reach their potential and become successful leaders, organizations accomplish their objectives efficiently and turn their potential into prosperity. Also, helping society to create an environment where the full measure of human potential is achieved and freedom of competition is exercised in a professional, ethical and responsible fashion.

Our Mission

Quality Training Institute, Inc. is dedicated and committed to providing world-class technical training that surpasses the expectations of the participants. Developing and cultivating market-ready, busines-savvy leaders who learn effective communication skills. Implementing methods, techniques and "how-to's" that have been tested and proven successful. Assuring institutional leadership, overall effectiveness in the workplace and new vitality to your corporate culture. Successfully addressing multicultural-multiethnic behavioral dimensions that positively affect performance. Understanding that those who master the technological and cultural challenges of the world, will lead it. Guiding ambitious professionals through a viable training process with state-of-the-art productivity oriented methods in order to master these challenges and suggesting Quality Solutions that lead to sustainable-measurable results.

To attain our mission, we work diligently towards a professional and ethical training environment that is based on Quality, Integrity and Excellence. We offer learnable skills and workable techniqyes to improve productivity, efficiency and profits. It is individuals who receive trophies, but it take a team to win a championship. We build championship teams

Our Facility

Quality Training Institute, Inc. is located in the Technology Innovation Center at the Illinois Science + Technology Park in Skokie, IL.